Savoir, c’est pouvoir !

Les cinq intuitions qui sous-tendent notre action

1.Une bonne éducation est un facteur nécessaire du développement. D’où notre attachement à un collège de qualité.
2.Nous refusons l’élitisme.
3.Pas de projet valable sans initiative locale
4.A chaque stade, notre aide accompagne une initiative et un apport de la direction du collège
5.A long terme, le complexe scolaire fonctionnera sans notre aide.

Des nouvelles de notre association

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1.If you opt to pay by credit card please click on the button of your choice below. Become a member and donation Propulsé par HelloAsso (...)

Lilo: Together, let’s collect drops of water to purchase history-geography textbooks

Currently, there is only one book available for every three students; this lack of textbooks is most acutely felt in the areas of (...)

Project in preparation 2018 : Preventing teen pregnancy

We submitted this project to RAJA Foundation in early 2017; unfortunately, we were not selected. We are in the process of researching other (...)

Project in progress 2017-18: Less successful results in 2015 and 2016, an action plan to strengthen the scientific sector

In Togo, 2016 baccalaureate results were poor, with only a 44% success rate. Yanfouom students saw a 41.73% success rate with 57.37% in Arts (...)