A brief description of the NGO

Public schools in Togo face many challenges affecting the quality and effectiveness of teaching, including :
 80 to 90 pupils per class,
 Teacher absenteeism due to pay issues
 Lack of teaching materials.

The aim of “l’Association des Amis de Yanfouom” (“Friends of Yanfouom”) is to support “Yanfouom - La Sagesse”, a private secular school set up in Togo by Martine Sinandja (*) in the year 2000, to complement the failings of schools in the public sector.
It is a very passionate initiative with equality at the core of everything : sponsorship of children from disadvantaged backgrounds, gender and religious balance in classrooms and teaching staff, as well as hiring of people with disabilities.

A short list of a few achievements to-date :
 Teaching staff includes 3 women, 2 people with disabilities
 Opening of 3 classes in 2000 (two classes of sixth grade, one of seventh grade)
 Opening of the high school in 2010
 The school reached a size of more than 1000 pupils in 2016-17
 Advanced support for girls through reduced school fees, with sponsorship by the Kuenzi foundation, and support with family planning to help avoid unwanted pregnancies

Please support us here to help drive this success story even further !

(*) Martine Sinandja has herself 6 years experience as a headteacher.

Titles for graphs :
Amount of donations (2001-2014)
Quantity of donations (2001-2014)
Number of charity members (2001-2014)

Translation : Thanks you to Séraphine D., Stef W. and Amelia B..

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