Project in progress 2017-18 : Less successful results in 2015 and 2016, an action plan to strengthen the scientific sector

In Togo, 2016 baccalaureate results were poor, with only a 44% success rate. Yanfouom students saw a 41.73% success rate with 57.37% in Arts & Literature and 27% in Science. What will happen to students who failed ? Yanfouom cannot take all of them for a new year to pass baccalaureat.
Several factors contributed to this situation :
• Students’ academic achievement level was poor in 2015 due to strikes and other events, but there were good results on BAC 1 (Literature)
• Students are not completing science homework
• There is a critical lack of science teachers in the Dapaong region. Agricultural engineers and managers are recruited by companies. Trained teachers prefer staying in Lomé, Togo’s capital, where they have better earnings from private lessons.
Teaching staff and the parent-teacher association studied the topic to create an action plan. The main objectives are :
• Improve teaching methodology
• Better organize and oversee students during group work and supervised study sessions
• Offer to repeat courses for students who have difficulty with the material
Additional scientific content needs are considered a secondary priority.
At the beginning of the school year, proposals were put forth to improve results, and Yanfouom concluded that it will be useful to extend these proposals to all curricula, not just science.

Those proposals have a cost impact, but they are absolutely needed to increase the overall science skills level.

A budget has been submitted to the Association, with priority actions :
Total Budget : 4,968,000 CFA (7,573.66 Euros) yearly
Parent-teacher association contribution
a. Middle School : 156,000 CFA
b. Secondary School : 180,000 CFA
Total = 336,000 CFA (512.22 Euros)
Kuenzi Foundation (Canadian partner) contribution : 800,000 CFA (1,219.59 Euros)
Requested contribution to Yanfouom Assocation : 3,832,000 CFA (5,841.54 Euros)

If you wish to contribute, click here.

Translation via GlobalGiving TIME : Thanks you to Clement B, Amelia B. and Jolie B.

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