Lilo : Together, let’s collect drops of water to purchase history-geography textbooks

Any search engine user can contribute for free !!

Besoin en manuels scolaires

Currently, there is only one book available for every three students ; this lack of textbooks is most acutely felt in the areas of history/geography. Help improve the learning conditions for these students.

Good news ! Our association’s project to purchase textbooks has been selected to be among the projects funded by Lilo. Lilo is a search engine that rewards every search with a drop of water. These drops of water accumulate and are forwarded to the project of your choice. (Yanfouom of course !) These drops are then transformed into €.

Any search engine user can contribute for free !

It’s very easy to use this new search engine and fund our project without any personal cost :
1. Go to to use the Lilo search engine.
2. Accumulate at least 50 drops of water.
3. Go to the project page and manually pour your drops of water (a minimum of 50) into our project. This needs to be done only the first time you contribute ; after that, the drops will be added automatically.
4. Do your daily research with Lilo to earn drops of water.
5. Your drops will regularly be donated the project, going directly to the project page

Feel free to share this information with your circle of friends and acquaintances.

You can also make a cash donation to help us purchase 500-600 history/geography textbooks for our community’s freshmen, juniors and seniors/grade 3, 5 and 6 by using the form below :

Translation via GlobalGiving TIME : Thanks you to Debra M.

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