The five intuitions that underlie our action

1 Good education is a necessary factor for development. Hence our commitment to a quality college.

2 We refuse elitism. As families prefer to "invest" in boys who will stay in the family, girls are less educated than boys, so they benefit from a reduction of about 10% compared to boys. In addition to students whose parents pay their tuition fees, the college welcomes students whose parents can only pay part of the fees. The association or foundations support their schooling, especially for girls.

3 No good project without local initiative. The Yanfouom College (Wisdom in local language) was created in August 2000 by a Togolese teacher, Martine Sinandja.

At each stage, our help accompanies an initiative and a contribution of the college management. In 2010, the year of the 10th anniversary of the college and the high school, and

5 In the long term, the school complex will function without our help.

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